Getting into the shape that you feel is best for you isn't always easy; yet it is very doable! We have a lot of fun, which means you will have fun. Join us as part of the awesomeness!  

Let the #Warrior in you LOOSE!
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Monday - Thursday 
8:00am - 7:30pm

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​6267 A-2 Wilson Mills Road
Highland Heights, OH 44143 


The NFB clientele is the athlete. They remember when training meant a new season; a fresh start. They remember what it felt like to train with a purpose and a passion; to push themselves to be better than they were yesterday; to compete and operate at their absolute peak.

The NFB clientele is the business man or woman that needs to escape the monotony and stresses of the business world. They remember the days when their identity wasn’t their job title. They remember the freedom of transforming their mind and body and creating their own identity. They train to build the energy and momentum they need to set a higher standard, not just in the gym, but in life.

The NFB clientele is the man or woman who wants to look and feel the way they did in their 20’s or to achieve the body they have always wanted, but never had. They will no longer settle for where they are today. They know they can achieve more. They know that the past and present doesn’t equal the future. They know the best is yet to come. They train for tomorrow!

The NFB clientele is the health and fitness enthusiast that is looking for a new approach. Whether they train for marathons, triathlons, or just train out of pure joy; they may feel they have reached a plateau and need a new method to breakthrough. They have a higher standard and will not settle until they reach their peak. They train for the love and joy it provides when they conquer the goals they have set out to achieve.